Aspen, CO


K-12 Education


110,000 SF








Nestled in the beautiful landscape of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, The Bucksbaum Campus of Aspen Music School is a testament to the harmonious integration of education and nature. Recognized as a top-tier teaching and performance institution, the school opens its doors to over 700 of the world’s finest music students every summer. In a quest to enhance this unique learning experience, the school endeavored to refurbish and redevelop its campus to better mesh with the natural landscape. The redesigned campus features two large orchestra rehearsal halls and a stunning cantilevered pavilion perched on the edge of a pond, acting as the centerpiece of the campus, while the studios and practice rooms blend with the hillside. The restoration of disturbed areas and the implementation of tree replacement strategies have created a cohesive community campus, delicately integrated into the natural environment and adjoining Aspen Country Day School campus. The ingenious design and utilization of the campus were recognized with a Merit Award for Design by ASLA Colorado, underscoring the Bucksbaum Campus’s status as a beacon of sustainable and integrated design.

The design of Bucksbaum campus was a collaboration to bring the visions established by the architect to life.  Each building had a unique design feature that set it apart from the other buildings on the campus.  Enlighten Design Studio worked closely with the architect to highlight these key features, while still meeting the needs of the space. The building is distinguished by its prominent exterior backlighting, casting a gentle nighttime glow that is mirrored in the adjacent pond.

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