Pi day 2024

To BG, pi is both a key mathematical constant 3.14 as well as an acronym for Positive Impact, something we endeavor to provide everywhere we have influence. Here at BG we want to celebrate  the positive impacts that outstanding effort, client service (both internal and external), mentorship, and being an exceptional teammate can have on cultivating our company culture. We also want to encourage design excellence with inspiration or innovation of both new and old ideas. This year, with the help of our wonderful selection committee, BG Buildingworks has awarded the 2024 Positive Impact Awards to Brian Robertson, Courtney Lunsford, and Peter Morabito. Additionally, Tanya Pardo was given the Infinity and Beyond Award for always going the extra mile to serve BG clients. Finally, Debbie Eachus was awarded the Mike Reed Super-Human Being award for her continuous thoughtfulness, patience and love for everyone here at BG.