"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."



Electrical Engineer

A recent Milwaukee School of Engineering grad, Amy hails from the Land of Lincoln. With a degree in Architectural Engineering, she is honing skills and talents of her burgeoning career toward electrical systems on an array of projects. Armed with the hard work ethic of being a student-athlete (she’s got a crazy love of basketball), Amy relishes being challenged on tasks and enjoys finding new and efficient ways to work. Defining a good day at work as when things go smoothly, Amy also loves an office full of coworkers she can get to know and is first to offer up ideas of company get-togethers. There’s little doubt with Amy’s educational foundation, the hardiness of her Midwestern roots, and her enthusiastic nature, that she will be nothing but a fantastic member of any team she joins.


Summers are often magical adventures for kids and Amy’s memories of her summers at Camp Bil-O-Wood in Canada perfectly fit that description. A camp her mom enjoyed while she was a kid, the Reiser kids were packed up and shipped off to partake in seemingly endless days and nights of fun. Though time was scheduled,  fantastic activities included camping and sports where Amy’s fondness of basketball,  swimming (or skiing or tubing), and  time at the craft center only rivaled epic canoe trips through the lakes and river and the letters back and forth with her folks.


With a passion to give back, Amy has done a variety of volunteering from a Habitat for Humanity build in Virginia to building stairs, planting flowers, and putting up siding for low-income seniors and veterans in Milwaukee. Now in Colorado, she’s helped the Avon office with trail maintenance as part of their Communityworks program and also worked for the Lockwood Foundation to help assist an elderly woman with limited mobility, up the mountain.


Her grandma tops the list if Amy was granted a wish to have dinner with one person, here or gone. The night would be filled with good food and good conversation and Amy would take the opportunity to ask her grandma all about her cooking and baking recipes. And maybe even get a few tips and those ‘special ingredients’ that made grandma’s cooking the best!