It takes something special to design a space that is both functional and beautiful. These elements are fueled by a life’s passion coursing through Anna-Lisa veins as she blends engineering with her love of lighting. As a lighting designer, Anna-Lisa loves creating spaces that capture lighting and health and is passionate about learning more about creating functional systems that promote health and enjoyment. Why not design for more than just function? She wholly believes this and offers anyone breaking into this field “love what you do. Love to learn. Be passionate and aim to inspire.” There’s nothing better than having a goal and sticking to it, way to bring things to life, Anna-Lisa!

Anna-Lisa Conners is bringing her game face

You Ate What?!

A little smaller than a duck or chicken egg, there’s more nutrition packed into those little quail eggs that Anna-Lisa dubbed as the strangest thing she’s eaten. Not only did you consume more phosphorus and calcium that the typical eggs, she ate it the best way – raw!

This One Time…

What do you get when you add brothers, those little plastic army guys, riding bikes, and intently watching out for deer? Some kind of 90’s flashback and enough information to kickstart a conversation the next time you see her. Oh, those childhood memories.

Not Just a Comma, Killer.

There’s no prodding necessary to convince Anna-Lisa of her favorite breakfast. Just like Mikey in the 1970s award-winning commercial,, “she likes” the heaping bowl of Life and it’s a great way for Anna-Lisa to start off her morning.