Striking the perfect balance between his love of science and art, Bill thrives on coming up with and developing custom, “out-of-the-box” solutions to make his clients’ visions a reality. Whether he is engineering complex mechanical and plumbing systems, providing technical guidance, or managing construction administration services, Bill brings an infectious enthusiasm to any project. He continuously remains mindful of project needs and carefully applies his expertise to practically or creatively resolve issues to each project as it dictates.

Bill Larson is bringing his game face
William (Bill) Larson parachute icon

Where in the World is…

…Bill? Likely to be out with his boys passing along a family tradition of big game hunting; but before becoming a parent, he was an avid skydiver, completing more than 300 jumps.

Back to the Future

If not an engineer, Bill would be a sculptor. When he first started college, he was an art major before shifting his focus to engineering. One of his favorite classes at the University of Wyoming was a foundry class, where he was able to sculpt and pour bronze.

Make Yourself at Home

As the youngest of nine children of a Navy Master Chief, Bill moved around a lot before the wind blew the family to settle in beautiful and expansive Wyoming after his dad retired.