“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”



Electrical Engineer

Christian Jensen is an Electrical Engineer with BG Buildingworks who thrives on the straightforward nature of MEP electrical design. Driven by a passion that’s been evident since childhood, when he was the go-to for electronics in his family, he appreciates that the end result of his designs is both visible and impactful. He takes pride in creating comprehensive electrical risers and lighting control systems, turning plan views into tangible solutions. His remarkable aptitude for troubleshooting paired with his dedication and love for the hands-on aspects of design and refinement, make him an invaluable asset to our team.












When he isn’t deep in schematics and design plans, Christian is embracing the adventurous spirit of Colorado. From playing disc golf and indoor rock climbing to exploring the snowy peaks with his Epic Pass, Christian is all about making the most of the Rockies.


Christian’s love for engineering doesn’t end at his day job. With a penchant for tinkering, he dreams of days spent in a garage, crafting everything from cutting-edge electronics to automobile innovations. Video games also remain close to his heart. Beyond Rocket League, he’s often engrossed in strategic bouts of Super Smash Bros or speeding away in Mario Kart – games that ignited his lifelong love for gaming.



From the charm of Rome, Italy, where he spent five weeks immersing in the culture, to the diverse cities he’s called home throughout the US, Christian’s journey has been nothing short of enriching. The path of his dreams to explore other continents holds endless possibilities for his future destinations.