From Kansas State University to the bustling teams of BG Buildingworks, Deborah Ridder stands out as a Senior Engineer who is dedicated to turning visions into reality. With an academic background in Architectural Engineering and experience from esteemed firms such as Maxson Engineering, ProCraft Mechanical, and ME Engineers, Debbie is equipped to face every challenge head-on. Her flair lies not only in her professional competence but also in her enthusiasm for every project she undertakes, embracing the unpredictability that each day brings. What drives her most in her profession is the opportunity to actively engage with clients and owners. By collaborating with them, she takes immense pleasure in translating their visions into tangible realities. For Debbie, it’s not just about the technicalities of engineering; it’s about the people and their dreams.

Where in the World is…

…Debbie? Outside of her role at BG Buildingworks, Debbie immerses herself in nature’s splendors, from backpacking treks to SCUBA-diving adventures. On weekends, she might be on a road trip with her cherished family: husband Gage, dog Argo, and cat Ros. Amidst all this, the family is joyfully anticipating the arrival of their baby girl!

What’s on the Menu?

While Cinnamon Toast Crunch may be her breakfast of champions (because let’s face it, the cereal milk is unbeatable), she also has a penchant for fiery Thai curry—true Thai hot.


Words of Wisdom

If you ever feel stuck in life, ask Debbie for some sage advice. One of her favorites? “Happiness is not the goal; fulfillment is the goal, and being fulfilled will make you happy. Also, money is a tool, not the goal.” Words to live by!