As a builder of things, it’s a natural fit for Jarrod to be BG Buildingworks’ leading Building Information Modeling technician. Coupled with an enjoyment of virtually constructing a model, his expertise in the fundamental understanding of the AutoCAD and Revit differences is extensive. Jarrod manages the setup, design, and 3D coordination of systems and regularly creates custom Revit families and schedules and performs clash detection. Regardless of the project, his true skill lies in saving time for clients and teaming partners by paying great attention to even the smallest details.

Jarrod Currell is bringing his game face
Jarrod Currell ninja star icon

Too Cool for School

While in the wilderness, Jarrod witnessed – up close – a bald eagle snatching a trout from the river and flying off. Talk about having close encounters of a different kind.

Inspiration Point

Jarrod keeps it close to home – his family inspires him the most.

Where in the World is…

…Jarrod? Look outside – he’s most likely camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting his way through the great outdoors.