From loving his very first computer – a 33 MHz, 486 with 4MB of RAM and a 256MB hard drive, Jeremy was hooked on the technology. He continues this passion as the caretaker of BG Buildingworks’ network and ensures the viability of each piece of equipment and software the team uses to be a leader in the industry. Jeremy makes it look easy.

Jeremy Dory is bringing his game face
Jeremy Dory electric motorcycle icon

Make Yourself at Home

A Colorado native, Jeremy grew up in the Denver area and could not imagine living anywhere else. This stems from his appreciation of the four seasons and all of the outdoor activities that are associated with each.

From Point A to Point B

His favorite mode of transportation is his fully electric motorcycle. He enjoys the scenic routes to and from the office as well as the idea of plugging it in at night and waking up to a fully charged bike.

Where in the World is…

…Jeremy? Hanging with his lovely wife and wonderful daughters.