“Nothing’s ever simple.”



Senior Acoustical Engineer

A mechanical engineering graduate, Joshua Curley brings unique expertise to BG Buildingworks as Senior Acoustical Engineer. After a chance interview for a role that promised something different, Josh transitioned into the world of acoustical engineering, turning mechanical theories into rhythmic realities. Turns out, that decision cemented his fascinating journey in a niche where if done right, no one notices, but when not, it rings in every ear. For Josh, perfection lies in creating spaces where good acoustics go unnoticed. His expertise spans from facility operation, system design, and installation to building automation and maintenance, making him an indispensable asset in every project he undertakes.










While Gandalf battles dark forces with his staff, Josh brandishes his guitar, serenading audiences alongside his brother Eamon, proving that magic is not limited to Middle Earth.


Joshua’s sanctuary is his home in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, where he cherishes moments with his wife Sara, two sons, German shepherds, and their flock of chickens.



Josh envisions himself some day as a barley farmer along the Irish coast, where the ocean breeze would infuse his grains, a dream inspired by his summers on his family’s orchard and his passion for turning grains into Irish whiskey.  His heart continues to be drawn back to Ireland’s enchanting landscapes, even after multiple visits, as its beauty holds an eternal allure that promises new discoveries and experiences with each return.