Spearheading the company’s marketing and client development efforts, Karen’s first company initiative helped the company transition through a major rebranding which captured BG’s evolution. As an eternal optimist, she strives to keep the company in a creative and progressive mode through strategic thinking, relevant content, innovative storytelling, tactical marketing elements, and inspired client-focused relationships. With a keen interest in the people, Karen uses her undergraduate degree in sociology and psychology from Simpson College and a masters in communication management and marketing from the University of Denver to drive her approach to marketing and helping build BG’s culture. Spending most of her career within the A/E/C industry, she loves working with engineers to leverage their analytic minds with creative influences to craft BG’s brand and to deliver on the needs of clients.

Karen Crilly is bringing her game face
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Make Yourself at Home

Where hard work is a must; friendliness is given without regard; and fun is only limited by one’s imagination, Karen was lucky enough to grow up in the cornfields of Iowa as a farm girl.

And the Oscar goes to…

If she could have her way, Karen would spend a lot of her free time taking in a movie. A life-long film buff, she had a movie-inspired wedding theme and likes virtually all movie genres (with the exception of horror flicks). With too many favorites to count, The Sound of Music, Shawshank Redemption, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert top the list.

It’s Past Time for a Hobby

As a whiskey enthusiast, Karen has a mounting collection of whiskeys from distilleries around the world. Her favorites are sweet bourbons and spicy ryes, but overall loves to explore the art of whiskey making and sampling the brown elixir’s range of simple to complex notes.