With a firm belief that “people hire people”, Ray is an instrumental leader at BG Buildingworks and has guided the company through recent transitions as only a skilled mentor could do. Enjoying client relationships, working with ownership, and mentoring younger staff, Ray puts to use his 45 years in design, management, and construction to help BG be successful. He easily blends his tenure in the engineering industry and leverages it daily to inform and advise BG Buildingworks’ evolution into the future.

Ray Engen golf icon

It’s Past Time for a Hobby

When not advising others or talking with clients and teaming partners, Ray enjoys woodworking and improving his golf game.

Dear Ray…

Advice to those looking to break into engineering: “Have patience. It’s take a long time to become proficient at all design.”

Make Yourself at Home

Although they are not enforced, it’s still illegal to fall asleep with your shoes on or let your car run unattended at the grocery store in Ray’s home state of North Dakota. Now, that’s just plain cold!