“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

- Philippians 4:13



Tanisha Bartlett, our dedicated Accounting Assistant at BG Buildingworks, is not just a member of the team but the glue that holds many of our day-to-day operations together. With her extensive experience in administrative and financial coordination, Tanisha ensures that our office runs smoothly and efficiently. Bringing a vibrant energy to every task, her organizational skills shine through in every project, whether it’s handling project planning, budgeting, invoicing, or supporting the team with various other accounting needs. Her work ethic is driven by the belief that a positive and upbeat environment is key to productivity, a philosophy she embodies daily. Tanisha’s passion for building strong relationships within her work “family” is a testament to her commitment to our team.











A 6th generation native of Eagle County, Tanisha grew up on her family’s cattle ranch in Burns, where the great outdoors was her playground. She cherishes these roots and the simplicity of ranch life, from horseback riding to admiring the serene beauty of her surroundings.


Adventure runs in Tanisha’s veins. Whether it’s planning road trips, camping, or playing basketball, she’s always on the move. And when she’s not exploring the outdoors or spending quality time with her family, you might find her piecing together puzzles or humming along to tunes from K-LOVE in her car.


Tanisha believes in the power of enjoying the little things in life, from family camping trips in the flat tops to her cherished childhood memories of fishing, campfire cooking, and s’mores. With a heart full of adventure and a spirit guided by strong family values and faith, Tanisha is a cherished member of the BG Buildingworks family, ensuring that our accounting needs are met with efficiency, warmth, and an ever-present smile.