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Nestled amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, the Foothills Golf Course, a renowned 36-hole public course with an array of facilities, embarked on an ambitious journey to revitalize its 1974-built clubhouse. BG worked, alongside JNS Architecture + Interior Design, to provide MEP, technology, and specialty lighting design services. Recognizing the clubhouse’s significance and the community’s evolving demands, the aim was to set a new benchmark for public clubhouse facilities.

The design brilliantly fuses sustainability with aesthetics, showcasing exposed heavy timber structures, glulam columns, beams, and roof decking, elevating the structure’s visual appeal. A salient feature is the clubhouse’s elevation above the 18th hole, ensuring uninterrupted panoramic views of the Front Range. This elevation masterfully doubles as a west-facing deck, channeling an amphitheater vibe and amplifying its capacity for large events. Augmenting the charm are expanded lounges with direct bar access, integrated shade structures, and a blend of indoor-outdoor spaces, catering to socialization and dining. The renovation stands as a testament to Foothills Golf Course’s commitment to enhancing the golfing experience, interweaving nature’s beauty with state-of-the-art design.

The lighting design is a meticulous blend of functionality, aesthetics, and the unique environmental considerations of the region. Recognizing Denver’s abundance of natural daylight, the clubhouse’s design incorporates large windows strategically positioned to capture panoramic views of the mountains and greens. Daylight floods the interior spaces, creating a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors. The clubhouse’s architecture is accentuated using lighting to create visual interest and emphasize key design elements. Uplighting is used to draw the eye up, highlighting the building’s volume. The lighting plays a crucial role in encouraging visitors to unwind and socialize, enhancing the overall experience. The exterior lighting design considers safety and aesthetics, ensuring that pathways, parking areas, and entranceways are well-lit. Architectural elements, such as the clubhouse’s entry canopy, are gently illuminated to extend the welcoming ambiance beyond the interiors.


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BG worked alongside partner, Oz Architecture, to develop the Modera Cook Street luxury apartment complex. Strategically located at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Cook Street, this proposed five-story development boasts 110 residential units and accommodates 165 parking spaces, spanning 0.89 acres. BG’s team provided full MEP services for this complex, in addition to specialty lighting.

Specialty lighting services were provided for the amenity spaces, including lobby, fitness studio, and roof top terrace, as well as the units. As the sun sets, the rooftop bar and pool area come alive, bathed in thoughtfully placed lighting. The combination of large-scale custom lanterns and light columns, integrated with speakers, create a glamorous yet relaxed atmosphere. The low level illuminated seating areas, and gentle glow on lush landscapes encourage communal gathering. Three season outdoor living in Colorado provides a multitude of opportunities to create unique personal and community gathering spaces. Most of the units have large terraces that can be used for entertaining or a sense refuge from the city.

Intricate lighting details were carefully coordinated in the amenity spaces to seamlessly integrate with the architecture. Unique custom fixtures, developed by the interiors team, blend seamlessly with vertical linear lighting and hidden vertical cove lighting to highlight the unique architectural features. Linear lighting elements continue into the fitness and yoga areas, creating unique ceiling features that help to energize the space. Our commitment to a meticulous lighting design is evident in every element of these amenity spaces, setting a new standard for luxury living.


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The Belmar Library in Lakewood, Colorado places emphasis on inclusivity, lifelong learning, and sustainability. Drawing on community engagement, its renovation effectively reorganized the library’s floor plan, making the main service desk the central hub from which patrons can seamlessly access diverse library services. New areas are specifically designated for various activities such as quiet study, collaboration, and youth engagement. The entrance plaza was innovatively redesigned with inspiration by the Dutch “woonerf” or “living street” concept, fostering pedestrian safety and aesthetics. This renovation underscores Belmar Library’s dedication to a community-centered and eco-friendly approach.

The welcoming entry lobby was designed to be extremely flexible, serving several different functions from illuminating kiosks to community artwork and book displays. Linear direct/indirect pendants were implemented in the primary stack areas, to coordinate with the acoustical ceiling baffle design and also provide a cost-effective solution that both brightened the open ceiling and provided illumination for the stacks below. Lighting also contributed to the playful atmosphere of the Childrens’ zone, utilizing varying sizes of round recessed and pendant mounted light fixtures. On the exterior, the prominent clerestory windows glow at night using a concealed tapelight detail on the interior of the building.


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This luxury 5-bedroom private residence at the Four Seasons Vail boasts a large open dining/living/kitchen area with plenty of space for entertaining. BG provided lighting design services, from coordination of custom lighting details to keypad engravings and scene settings. Architectural lighting was designed to disappear, while enhancing the interior architecture and finishes. This allowed the modern decorative lighting to really make a statement.

Recessed adjustable accent lighting was used throughout to highlight artwork and provide task lighting at counter surfaces and sinks. BG performed art aiming studies to ensure that art accents were placed at the appropriate distance off the wall and the beam angle was appropriate for the artwork size. Concealed linear lighting was used to accentuate drapery, shelving, transitions, and stone finishes. Detailed elevations were provided to ensure that the linear lighting locations were well coordinated and easy for the contractor to understand. The lighting control system was carefully coordinated with the A/V integrator to incorporate shade control into the lighting keypads. Lighting scenes were also a critical part of the design, allowing the space to seamlessly transition from a bright daylight space to a moody nighttime scene.



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The Treehouse Kids’ Adventure Center in Snowmass Village is the perfect spot for kids to have fun and learn as well while sharing in mountain adventures. A first of its kind in the ski industry, The Treehouse combines childcare facilities with ski school programs and rentals in one place, giving families a consolidated space for kids and adults to love. The multi-level, 2,300 SF facility encompasses the great outdoors with Colorado-themed playrooms and licensed caregivers for kids as young as two months up to four years old.

Working with CCY Architects, BG’s scope of work included MEP consultation as well as lighting and acoustic design services for the treehouse portion of the building. The MEP consultation and acoustic design was for the arrival lobby and lounge, vestibule, ski storage, boot benches, and Eagle Peak. BG worked with the contractor-led design-build team on recommendations and design modifications to the existing mechanical and electrical service and distribution related to the new floor plan layout. Acoustically, BG developed a 3D acoustical model to maximize acoustical performance with the architectural and aesthetic components. In addition, the team developed design guidelines for sound isolation targets and suggested concepts to mitigate sound transmission.

In the arriving lobby and lounge, initial lighting design focused on identifying applicable codes, a design charrette was held, concept images and sketches relating to the design were created, and BG lighting designers presented recommendations to the project team. BG also addressed the emergency lighting and exit sign modifications and offered a complete luminaire schedule indicating types and locations and documentation for the lighting controls system. As an added service, BG consulted on the security system which included identification of proper camera placements. BG’s PM, Anna-Lisa Conners remarks on the importance of lighting on projects, “on site aiming has proven so very critical to the fruition of our designs. It is the icing on the cake, the final touch that brings cohesion and completion to our lighting design.” A perfect sentiment for the Treehouse project which transformed an important space.



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BG worked with long-time architectural partner, Oz Architecture to develop this unique retreat in Bailey, CO that encourages visitors to reflect, reconnect, and reenergize. BG’s team provided a full suite of technical expertise for the seven-acre site. Spaces included a welcome center, guest cabins, a seminar building for daily group discussions, a lodge with social gather spaces, dining options, and a full-scale wellness facility with yoga/fitness/meditation, a sauna, and exterior hot springs-style hot tubs.

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Architectural lighting was closely coordinated with the interior and architecture teams to integrate with building elements and accent important features and finishes. Integrated LED lighting was used throughout, with LED retrofit lamps specified for all medium base socket decorative fixtures. Interior lighting power densities averaged approximately 50% better than code minimum.


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Nestled in a region of Montana just south of Bozeman, Ulery’s Lake kisses up to Moonlight Basin outside of Big Sky. The area is part of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and the private lake is surrounded by dense forest, tall pine trees, towering mountains, and looping trail system. At 7,625 feet, the alpine lake is neighbor to the new Ulery’s Lake Lodge, cabins, and duplexes. Completed in 2021, BG provided a gamut of services including MEP, lighting, technology, acoustics, and commissioning for the 15-acre site. Designed to support outdoor-oriented programming, the 62,000 SF lodge includes a restaurant, workout center, basketball court, gear outfitters, ski lockers, pool, rock climbing wall, indoor kids’ facility, and a bar. In addition to the guest lodge, the area has private residences as well as a collection of contemporary duplexes and cabins.

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This residential mixed use hospitality facility, tucked in moonlight basin Montana, houses a restaurant, retail, community room, kids room, gym and pool. 35,000 square feet of hospitality space allows patrons to relax, play and socialize should they want to venture down from their cozy rooms above. The intent of this facility is to create an atmosphere, in the middle of nowhere, to escape, recreate, and just enjoy one another. The architecture draws in natural elements, such as wood and stone, to blend with the surrounding nature in which it rests. Much of the lighting design was focused on enhancing these natural materials to accentuate the richness of the encompassing elements.


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BG provided lighting, communications/AV, and limited mechanical/electrical engineering design and construction administration services for converting Tabor Auditorium to a multi-function ballroom/meeting room space and converting the existing guest phone breakout room into a sales closing office for the Westin Downtown Denver Hotel.

The lighting design of the Westin Downtown Denver entailed improving the current lighting condition throughout the ballroom, meeting rooms, and prefunction areas to acceptable light levels. Since the completion of the hotel in the mid 80’s the project spaces were largely untouched. The lighting did nothing to brighten the spaces and decorative fixtures reflected the dated interiors. To bring new life to all the spaces the lighting was either retrofitted to energy efficient sources or added to create a brighter more inviting atmosphere.

BG designed new structured cabling and audiovisual connectivity for point-of-use (‘AV’ boxes) within the ballroom. Additionally, BG designed a new audio system serving the ballroom with audio head-end equipment (DSP, amplifiers, etc.) including audio controls and overhead loudspeakers. Also included was the design of new structured cabling connectivity and a new TV/display system for the office. BG also addressed the house phone outlet heights, as part of the office project.


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Opening in 1889, Hotel Jerome is still one of the most prominent buildings in Aspen. Through the years numerous renovations and additions have occurred, but the hotel has maintained much of its original architectural and historical elements and was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1985. The 2012 redevelopment program had a goal to renovate the building, upgrade the level of amenities, provide a more contemporary look, restore several historical elements, and attain a four-star rating from the Forbes Travel guide.

BG has provided evaluation analysis, MEP design, and technology services for a variety of improvements and renovations over the years. Projects included upgrading and expanding aging central plant equipment, various expansions and renovations, and a four-season cooling feasibility evaluation.

Along with the upgraded systems for the hotel’s renovation, BG provided the owner and clients with excellent business relationships. Our team was hired for numerous auxiliary projects and completed designs for a variety of recent projects including grease waste discharge piping repairs, snowmelt expansion designs, and water heater designs.


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Breathtaking is a word that could be used to describe the stature of the Viceroy Snowmass, situated at the base village of Snowmass Ski Resort just outside of Aspen, Colorado. BG provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting, and technology systems engineering, design, and construction administration services to support the new hotel, the first of KOR Hotels extension into mountain resort-based properties. Overall, the project consists of 190,000 square feet of full-service luxury hotel and subterranean parking garage, with the capability of expansion into an additional 60,000 square feet of full- or fractional-ownership condominiums.

As one travels into Snowmass Village from the Roaring Fork valley, Viceroy Snowmass stands proud and prominent, with the mountain of Snowmass Mountain extending up in the background. As a flagship building in the base village, the Viceroy presented the challenge of introducing a mountain-modern aesthetic 360-degrees, due to the building’s ski-in/ski-out nature. BG worked with Related, OZ Architecture, and PCL Construction to develop solutions geared toward maintaining impeccable occupant comfort, and at the time, industry-leading technology enhancing user experience.

Captured within this project was not only luxury guestrooms and suites, but a conference center, multiple food & beverage outlets, and a 10,000 square-foot spa experience