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Reports show that as workers, Americans spend around 90,000 hours at work over the course of their respective lifetimes. When work is quantified in this way, several thoughts may race through your mind and hopefully one of them captures how best to maximize that time with the work you do. Similarly, companies realize that many successes rely on the composition of a team and the individuals who comprise it. BG Buildingworks is about building the bridge as a company to our employees to create opportunities for sustained success for both entities. As a long-term partner in the built industry, BG embraces a work, grow, thrive model in four offices – Albuquerque, Avon (Vail Valley), Lakewood (Denver Metro) and Fort Collins. Together, these three tenets create a positive balance to pursue projects passionately and profitably while shaping an environment of learning and a flourishing culture that makes a great place to work for everyone.

A Career Pathway

Hard work, in part, builds a professional career. BG’s career planning program supports this and builds a partnership driven by each employee to understand talents, strengths, and passions. Through exploration and evolution, your career can move forward – whether you are taking your first steps or bring years of experience. BG welcomes your ambition, energy, and collaboration.

Never Stop Learning

Continuous growth opportunities are offered via a variety of methods such as active involvement in professional associations and community organizations, attending and teaching seminars and conferences, on-the-job training, and regular performance feedback. At BG, we emphasize training through a seamless office approach and encourage cross pollination of knowledge and skill.

Be You.

Finding the desired balance amongst all the demands in life can be challenging and highly personal. With an easy-going culture, BG values an open atmosphere to connect with other team members and enjoy personal pursuits that recharge every employee. Discovering a new passion or continuing to nurture an old one, BG knows time away from the office makes employees happier upon their return.


The success of empowering a different type of relationship between service providers and clients lies in the genuineness of building rapport and professional respect that yields a trusted partnership. This transformation drives BG to be more than a consultant to our clients and teaming partners. Regardless of building system, service discipline, or market sector, the partnership between BG and the people we work with provides the foundation that inspires our team to plan, design, and deliver innovations for projects. BG redefines the old adage that consultants are hired merely for their expertise by bringing the unique personalities of our different team members through insightful conversation, creative brainstorming, asking good questions, listening to offered feedback, and igniting a passion to solve simple to complex issues. Through personifying the relationship and focusing on what matters, BG can offer all our partners service beyond the ordinary.

WHAT we do

At the core, BG is a collection of individuals offering design and assessment expertise in the built environment. Clients seek BG’s expertise throughout project development across market sectors.

How we do it

What BG does may be similar to other firms, but the way we do it is different. It begins and ends with people offering extraordinary service. BG enhances a project’s vision or works with a team to help shape a project’s vision.

WHY we do it

Passion is a commitment which drives an individual. By uniting the passions of diverse professionals, BG can inspire and share a collaborative spirit working with others to fulfill building systems and deliver service beyond the ordinary.

WHO we do it FOR

It’s been said that people like working with people they like. Although business isn’t about popularity, building rapport is tantamount. BG works with architects, industry engineers, contractors, and owners and each one is important to us.


LET’s work together

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