Since 1991, BG Buildingworks has built an expansive portfolio based on skilled design in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, lighting design, building technology systems design, acoustical consulting, and sustainability leadership. BG Buildingworks strives to be a world-class partner by doing what we say we’ll do. By embracing a mindset where our team continuously asks more questions to understand a vision and our clients and teaming partners’ motivations sparks an excitement across an entire team. Destinations Design Studio is positioned to deliver on BG Buildingworks’ promise – service beyond the ordinary – specifically for the hospitality industry. This specialized brand leverages BG’s history and wealth of experience in the sector, creating a dedicated team of experts across the breadth and depth of BG Buildingworks’ services.

Experience Destinations with BG by your side!


Principal, Hospitality Business Unit Leader

It’s more than just being an engineer with the requisite expertise to deliver a project; for Eric it’s carefully stitching each involved stakeholder to create a shared experience. “Successful hospitality projects tap into my deep appreciation that I get to work in destinations others only get to vacation. It allows me the chance to use a diverse toolkit of skills to help on projects with diverse needs.” His favorite hospitality-project aspects include the teamwork required, keen cross-communication, and the need to adapt to varied situations.


Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer
It’s leading by example how Erin learned to approach hospitality projects and in turn how she shares and mentors those around her to make projects shine. Her mindset skillfully ushers fundamental engineering with the nuances of serving as a true partner in the creative process making hospitality what it is. By constantly adapting, Erin taps into her love of problem solving to meet clients’ and projects’ needs.


Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer
As he gained expertise, Rahul’s mentor showed how to be a true consultant and advisor to hospitality clients without sacrificing the schedule and budget. The lesson of balancing practicality with flexibility is perfectly matched to his unending enthusiasm for the creative people and process within the industry. Rahul’s passion delivers projects by “having the will to do something more than just ordinary…to achieve a client’s grand vision through twists and turns; it takes study to get it right, and enthusiasm to create a destination into something spectacular.”


Principal, Electrical Engineer
The driving force fueling Brian’s passion is collaboration on hospitality projects. It’s demonstrated through his breadth and depth from working in other industries and building types. It’s helping owners and clients navigate what needs to be done with what they want to do. It’s working to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of a hospitality project. It’s the partnership and how Brian believes “it’s truly about the team and supporting them”. Paired with delivering high-quality design as a trusted advisor, Brian aptly blends engineering problem-solving talents with the aesthetic desires, creating beautiful end results.


Project Manager, Electrical Engineer

Emily’s passion for hospitality projects is rooted in understanding and enhancing the guest experience. This perspective does not come at the cost of knowing what an owner or client needs; rather it accentuates their project goals and helps achieve a vision. Thriving on the industry’s high expectations, she strives to understand the full immersion of the experience and how to get there. Through attention to detail, studying drawings with a fine-tooth comb, and visualizing how each component fits within a space, Emily expertly coordinates with the team to deliver an elevated experience for everyone.

Debbie Ridder

Mechanical Engineer

Will Harley

Mechanical Engineer

Jaime Finkler Kahan

Electrical Engineer

Chris Tompkins

Electrical Engineer

Jenna Durdy

Mechanical Engineer

Ryan Priesmeyer

Mechanical Engineer

Christian Jensen

Electrical Engineer

Jaymie Kallsen

Plumbing Designer

Jeremy Barndt

Technology Consultant

Josh Curley

Acoustical Consultant

Jon Snyder

Model & Production Manager

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