Enlighten by BG Buildingworks

Enlighten by BG Buildingworks

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Enlighten Design Studio was born out of a desire to enhance BG Buildingworks’ electrical engineering practice by marrying it with a lighting design practice. Developing a brand within a brand was done strategically to maximize BG’s continuous goal of excellent client service by distinguishing our lighting practice, while integrating it seamlessly with BG’s other disciplines. Enlighten Design Studio’s team is a talented, dedicated, and collaborative group of lighting designers with diverse knowledge and interests.

The team’s passion to create elegant and unique spaces where people live and thrive perfectly aligns with BG Buildingworks’ purpose to create exceptional environments where people and buildings thrive. Committed to crafting healthy, beautiful, and functional designs, Enlighten Design Studio infuses lighting, as an art form, thoughtfully and intentionally into the built environment and enriches every space.

Anna-Lisa Conners Formal Headshot

Anna-Lisa Conners

Lighting Service Leader

As BG’s Lighting Service Leader, Anna-Lisa, CLD, LC, CLEP, and LEED Green Associate, first and foremost, strives to listen and collaborate with her team and her clients, making every effort to understand the project goals and requirements before diving in. She recognizes the importance of allowing time and space for ingenuity and creativity to be cultivated.

Anna-Lisa wholeheartedly believes in blending of science and art in order to create beautiful and functional spaces, ensuring seamless integration with every discipline and design element. She is passionate about human health and understanding how design Influences our lives. She diligently works to consider how BG’s designs will positively impact end-users. Anna-Lisa takes active steps to educate clients and users on strategies that encourage health in design, ultimately delivering a project her clients celebrate.

Tanya Pardo Formal Headshot

Tanya Pardo

Lighting Designer

Tanya is a lighting designer with experience ranging from architectural lighting manufacturing to high-end residential lighting design. She enjoys working in a collaborative team environment and is passionate about enhancing architecture with discrete lighting design.

Thinking about functionality and how end-users will use the space is crucial. However, the design would still be lacking without the use of lighting to create meaningful focal points. Tanya believes that lighting design is less about lights and more about enhancing and transforming a space – she loves the ability to change the mood in a room with a touch of a button. She first fell in love with lighting design when she saw how the manipulation of light brought out the drama, dimension, and depth of a space during her first aiming visit. From perfecting lighting details to creating drama through fixture aiming and scene settings, Tanya believes the magic is in the details.

Jessica Woody Formal Headshot

Jessica Woody

Electrical and Lighting Designer

Being an electrical and lighting designer allows Jess to blend her lifelong passions for art, learning, and science into a career. Focusing on developing the best end experience for occupants, she strives to understand the project vision and goals from all team member’s perspectives early on to optimize the design process.

With an architectural engineering degree, Jess has an in-depth knowledge of energy codes and lighting control systems. Combined with her love of innovative design and learning, this foundation makes project coordination flow easily. Her recent research focused on artificial lighting’s impact to human circadian rhythm in the built space – more specifically designing spaces to optimize human circadian rhythm synchronization without compromising the space’s beauty.

Lighting Services

Differentiation is the lifeblood for professional services firms and success in any company is built upon core values and personified through its people. The team at Enlighten Design Studio blends engineering function with an array of lighting aesthetics for tailored solutions to building systems across multiple markets.

  • Architectural enhancement
  • Concept design charettes
  • Architectural luminaire selection
  • Decorative luminaire selection
  • Decorative fixture review
  • Custom luminaire coordination
  • Architectural ceiling coordination
  • Landscape lighting
  • Photometric calculations
  • Lighting mockups
  • Lighting details
  • Sample review
  • Emergency/egress lighting calcs
  • Lighting controls system design
  • Aim and focus site visits

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