After starting his campaign in April 2018, Brian Robertson (FTC) won National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES)’s Western Zone Vice Presidency last August. His two-year term consists of participating in board meetings and the organization’s annual meetings. NCEES is an organization dedicated to advancing professional licensure and promoting a national dialogue of consistency. Currently headquartered in Clemson, SC, the organization will make Greenville, SC its new home sometime in late spring of 2020 after they assume a new building to house the growing organization’s numerous volunteers who work on writing engineering exams.

Since his term started last year, Brian has participated in three board meetings that occur across NCEES’ region including Hot Springs, AR; Key West, FL; and Boise, ID. Agendas are packed reviewing the proposed recommendations from individual committees and determining which ones to endorse for the entire council to vote on during the annual meeting. This year’s upcoming annual meeting is in Washington, D.C.

This past May, Brian represented NCEES in one of Canada’s eastern provinces of Quebec, where the French language reigns supreme. The two and a half day conference with Engineers Canada, NCEES’ sister organization kicked off with a reception, a full day of meetings to hear about common licensing issues, share ideas on meeting structure, and had Brian providing a five-minute presentation discussing licensing concerns in the U.S. engineering industry. His trip ended with a tour of a sugar shack, where maple tree sap is boiled and made into maple syrup.

As Brian wraps up his first year, he looks forward to finishing his term in order to seek the nomination as the organization’s president-elect in August 2020. Should he win the bid, he would serve a three-year term as president-elect before ascending to NCEES’ highest office as president. Learn More >>