Belmar Library Renovation

Belmar Library Renovation

  • Location

    Lakewood, CO

  • Market Sector


  • size

    30,000 SF

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The Belmar Library in Lakewood, Colorado places emphasis on inclusivity, lifelong learning, and sustainability. Drawing on community engagement, its renovation effectively reorganized the library’s floor plan, making the main service desk the central hub from which patrons can seamlessly access diverse library services. New areas are specifically designated for various activities such as quiet study, collaboration, and youth engagement. The entrance plaza was innovatively redesigned with inspiration by the Dutch “woonerf” or “living street” concept, fostering pedestrian safety and aesthetics. This renovation underscores Belmar Library’s dedication to a community-centered and eco-friendly approach.

The welcoming entry lobby was designed to be extremely flexible, serving several different functions from illuminating kiosks to community artwork and book displays. Linear direct/indirect pendants were implemented in the primary stack areas, to coordinate with the acoustical ceiling baffle design and also provide a cost-effective solution that both brightened the open ceiling and provided illumination for the stacks below. Lighting also contributed to the playful atmosphere of the Childrens’ zone, utilizing varying sizes of round recessed and pendant mounted light fixtures. On the exterior, the prominent clerestory windows glow at night using a concealed tapelight detail on the interior of the building.


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