Burr Oak Design Center

Burr Oak Design Center

  • Location

    Fort Collins, CO

  • Market Sector


  • size

    7,700 SF

The new commercial office building in Oakridge Business Park is meant to serve as a showcase for energy-saving and environmentally sound building practices. Burr Oak achieved LEED Silver Certification.

BG provided commissioning services to a variety of systems in the building. The HVAC system will now save 20% of the energy consumed by a conventional building. Natural daylighting and dark sky, artificial lighting reduces light pollution in the space. Additionally, the windows are now operable for climate control, preferred parking for hybrid vehicles is in effect, and it’s now common practice to use communal bicycles for short distance errands.

The client saw an annual operating cost reduction of roughly $2,500. Total water use reduction is down 30%, resulting in annual water reduction of 75,000 gallons. Total energy use is down 20%.