Eagle Valley High School

Eagle Valley High School

  • Location

    Eagle, CO

  • Market Sector

    K-12 Education

  • size

    123,000 SF

Eagle Valley High School needed to replace and expand their existing facility with newly upgraded facilities to address anticipated growing enrollment. The new school program was set to create a safe and healthy learning environment where students could thrive. The school’s program included the desire to create an environmentally sustainable project and minimize operational costs.

The project consisted of 61,000 SF of new construction and a total of 62,000 SF of renovation. The school also created 55,000 SF of new parking, a new lecture hall and studio, and a new culinary teaching space.

BG Buildingworks worked with the school district, contractors and design team to develop district-wide standards for mechanical, plumbing, lighting, and technology systems to provide consistent fixtures and systems throughout the Eagle County School District. The mechanical design consisted of roof top air handling systems with distributed variable air distribution zones and a centralized, high-efficiency boiler plant.

The building systems are controlled and monitored by a Johnson Control building automation system (BAS) connected to the district-wide central controls system for ease of maintenance as well as energy efficiency monitoring.

BG also worked with team to develop district-wide energy-efficient LED lighting fixture standards and control systems.

State-of-the-art technology, IT, audiovisual, and security systems were designed to provide the educational and safety needs of a modern high school.


  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Technology
Children walking down hallways and eating in the cafeteria of Eagle Valley High School
Children walking down staircase and opening lockers at Eagle Valley High School
Curved wall of the Eagle Valley High School with mountains in the background
Children eating in cafeteria of Eagle Valley High School
Curved wall and rear entrance outside of Eagle Valley High School