Eagle Valley Middle School

Eagle Valley Middle School

  • Location

    Eagle, CO

  • Market Sector

    K-12 Education

  • size

    75,000 SF

Eagle Valley Middle School was an expansion and renovation of an existing school built in 1980. The project program was to re-program and renovate the existing structure to meet the growing needs of the school and bring sustainable and modern building systems to create an environment that is conducive of learning, allowing students to grow and achieve.

BG worked with the school district, contractors and design team to develop district-wide standards for mechanical, plumbing, lighting, and technology systems to provide consistent fixtures and systems throughout the Eagle County School District. The mechanical design consisted of rooftop air handling systems.
The building systems were controlled and monitored by a Johnson Control building automation system (BAS) that will be connected for district-wide monitoring.

BG also worked with the team to develop district-wide energy-efficient LED lighting fixture standards and control systems.

State-of-the-art technology, IT, audiovisual and security systems were designed to provide the educational and safety needs of a modern elementary school.