Hotel Jerome

Hotel Jerome

  • Location

    Aspen, CO

  • Market Sector


  • size

    140,000 SF

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Opening in 1889, Hotel Jerome is still one of the most prominent buildings in Aspen. Through the years numerous renovations and additions have occurred, but the hotel has maintained much of its original architectural and historical elements and was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1985. The 2012 redevelopment program had a goal to renovate the building, upgrade the level of amenities, provide a more contemporary look, restore several historical elements, and attain a four-star rating from the Forbes Travel guide.

BG has provided evaluation analysis, MEP design, and technology services for a variety of improvements and renovations over the years. Projects included upgrading and expanding aging central plant equipment, various expansions and renovations, and a four-season cooling feasibility evaluation.

Along with the upgraded systems for the hotel’s renovation, BG provided the owner and clients with excellent business relationships. Our team was hired for numerous auxiliary projects and completed designs for a variety of recent projects including grease waste discharge piping repairs, snowmelt expansion designs, and water heater designs.