Innovation Center

Innovation Center St. Vrain Valley School District

  • Location

    Longmont, CO

  • Market Sector

    K-12 Education

St. Vrain Valley School District’s current innovation center is a 5,000 square-foot part of the Career Development Center. With the growing number of students showing interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) district officials have opened enrollment to the Innovation Center district-wide. While the growth and inclusion of more students provided great opportunity, space constraints made the transition challenging.

After analysis, district officials decided the existing space is not big enough to meet the needs of the students. With community approval from the 2016 bond program, the District decided to build a new, larger facility that would accommodate the growing number of students as well as allow for new program offerings. The new building includes a biomedical lab, entrepreneurial zone for students developing their own businesses, aerospace lab with flight simulators, and makerspace with a 3-D printer for students. These new spaces will help local companies collaborate with students to provide real-world solutions to problems found in every day life.

BG is providing technology systems engineering design and construction contract administration services for the new Innovation Center. The current version of the District’s technology standards, previously developed by BG, were used as a baseline in the design of this project. This allowed for an efficient design process and provided the District with a familiar, trusted consultant.