Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

  • Location

    Rock Springs, WY

  • Market Sector


  • size

    269,000 SF

The expanding population in Rock Springs combined with the outdated facilities caused the taxpayers to vote for a new medical office building and cancer treatment center.

BG provided startup commissioning authority services for the new 80,000 SF facility that was constructed on the existing Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County (MHSC) campus. Several systems were commissioned as part of the firm’s contract with MHSC including HVAC and controls systems, domestic hot water, lighting systems and controls, linear accelerator cooling system, and the sump pump system.

The new three-story facility includes general medical office space as well as a linear accelerator, a chemotherapy suite, a dialysis suite, a CT scanner, physical therapy areas, and an outpatient surgery suite. BG’s staff helped the MHSC team obtain their goal of “promoting the health of the people in its service area.” The new medical office building and cancer treatment center allow the small community to be able to provide 90 percent of the radiation and oncology care that may be necessary, a large improvement from the previous 0 percent.

Building owners experienced a smooth turnover process. The MHSC operations and maintenance staff were provided with in-depth training on the new systems allowing the building to run as intended by the design team. BG’s collaborative commissioning approach ensured that all issues were addressed quickly and efficiently, ultimately saving MHSC time and money, all while decreasing stress.