Swigert-Mcauliffe School

Swigert-Mcauliffe School Denver Public Schools

  • Location

    Denver, CO

  • Market Sector

    K-12 Education

  • size

    104,000 SF

The Swigert-McAuliffe International School provides local area students with 40 classrooms, administrative offices, a cafeteria with a commercial-grade kitchen, and a gymnasium. The ECE/Kindergarten and Elementary/Middle school students are separated in distinct areas which provides appropriate social conditions within the school while mitigating circulation patterns throughout the site.

The former site of Denver International Airport inspired a navigation theme, with the school courtyard bearing an image of the globe, along with many other travel-themed additions. A wetland area occupies the northern edge of the site, directing stormwater along a vegetated bio-swale that feeds into a water quality/detention pond that serves as an outdoor environmental education classroom. Stapleton stone – recycled concrete from the old airport runways – is introduced along the edges of the pond to support classroom activity.

BG provided LEED for Schools v2009, EA Prerequisite #1 Fundamental Commissioning of the building’s HVAC, lighting, domestic hot water, and controls. The facility uses four-pipe central plant heating and cooling to VAV AHU’s with energy recovery to provide building conditioning.

The facility utilizes energy recovery ventilation systems in conjunction with high-efficiency boilers to provide building condition. The building systems are monitored and controlled by a Johnson Control automation system that is tied into the central building automation system for the Denver Public School district.