The Westin Denver Downtown

The Westin Denver Downtown

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    Denver, CO

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BG provided lighting, communications/AV, and limited mechanical/electrical engineering design and construction administration services for converting Tabor Auditorium to a multi-function ballroom/meeting room space and converting the existing guest phone breakout room into a sales closing office for the Westin Downtown Denver Hotel.

The lighting design of the Westin Downtown Denver entailed improving the current lighting condition throughout the ballroom, meeting rooms, and prefunction areas to acceptable light levels. Since the completion of the hotel in the mid 80’s the project spaces were largely untouched. The lighting did nothing to brighten the spaces and decorative fixtures reflected the dated interiors. To bring new life to all the spaces the lighting was either retrofitted to energy efficient sources or added to create a brighter more inviting atmosphere.

BG designed new structured cabling and audiovisual connectivity for point-of-use (‘AV’ boxes) within the ballroom. Additionally, BG designed a new audio system serving the ballroom with audio head-end equipment (DSP, amplifiers, etc.) including audio controls and overhead loudspeakers. Also included was the design of new structured cabling connectivity and a new TV/display system for the office. BG also addressed the house phone outlet heights, as part of the office project.