Ulery’s Lake

Ulery’s Lake

  • Location

    Big Sky, MT

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  • size

    62,000 SF (Lake Lodge)

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Nestled in a region of Montana just south of Bozeman, Ulery’s Lake kisses up to Moonlight Basin outside of Big Sky. The area is part of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and the private lake is surrounded by dense forest, tall pine trees, towering mountains, and looping trail system. At 7,625 feet, the alpine lake is neighbor to the new Ulery’s Lake Lodge, cabins, and duplexes. Completed in 2021, BG provided a gamut of services including MEP, lighting, technology, acoustics, and commissioning for the 15-acre site. Designed to support outdoor-oriented programming, the 62,000 SF lodge includes a restaurant, workout center, basketball court, gear outfitters, ski lockers, pool, rock climbing wall, indoor kids’ facility, and a bar. In addition to the guest lodge, the area has private residences as well as a collection of contemporary duplexes and cabins.

Enlighten Design Studio by BG Buildingworks

This mixed-use facility, tucked in Moonlight Basin, houses a restaurant, retail, community room, kids’ room, gym, and pool. The hospitality space allows patrons to relax, play, and socialize should they want to venture down from their cozy rooms above. The intent of this facility is to create an atmosphere located in near isolation, to escape, recreate, and simply enjoy one another.

Much of the lighting design was focused on enhancing natural materials to accentuate the richness of the encompassing architectural elements. Linear fixtures provide wayfinding light down the hallway, while a parade of beautiful, airy pendants call patrons to the bar.  The lamps were chosen for proper glare control. Soft fascia lighting highlights wood textures and creates depth against the darkness of the chairs. Hidden accents pop between slats for bartender task lighting, keeping the light aimed where desired. The heavy metal fireplace was intentionally left non-illuminated to keep lighting focused on key elements. Overall, the lighting introduces a bright, crisp, presence during day, and a cool, moody vibe in evening.

For the kids’ room, LED tape light, in a cove, lights a haven from above, creating an oasis. Cubbies are illuminated with a glowing tape light at the back of rounded cubbies, accentuating the shape and vibrant colors.  This fun, unique element attracts the kids, offers privacy, provides reading light, and promotes individuality. Custom plexi detailing reduces glare, increases comfort, keeps debris out, and eliminates ability to touch the lights. Pendant lighting is used for group play or for table activities.


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