Since 1991, BG has been offering owners, architects, contractors, and developers tailored solutions for simple to complex building systems. Regardless whether it’s new or existing, BG works with clients’ visions and helps bring clarity to their project goals. With extensive experience on an array of building types, BG understands the demands across multiple market sectors. An adaptable team, BG offers the right expertise by strategically placing the right person, in the right seat, at the right time, to deliver service beyond the ordinary – it’s what matters. CHECK OUT BG’s COMPANY SOQ >>

Whether it is a local area network in a small office area or a fully-integrated system across a campus, BG begins by helping clients identify their needs and goals. BG provides customized technology solutions through a thoughtful design process that keeps client awareness of the available systems top-of-mind and enhances the user experience. This includes elements such as telecommunications, audio-visual, automated controls, and security. Whether the design is simple or complex, BG ties together all of these components to create a technologically integrated approach.
The science of managing sound is called acoustics and BG has a dedicated team to execute the nuances of how sound and vibration are perceived. Focusing on four primary sub-disciplines – environmental, engineered, architectural, and electroacoustic – BG’s team mitigates unwanted noise and vibration, increases speech privacy, and improves overall room sound so owners and end-users enjoy a pleasing space.

When done well, BG believes lighting reinforces and enhances the architectural experience. Our lighting team delivers the attention to detail and design services to satisfy any project, at the same time ensuring our design meets code and safety requirements. BG offers full lighting design services, from initial design concepts and charettes, to design layout, fixture selection, calculations, lighting details, decorative and custom lighting coordination, and control system design. We especially enjoy working with our clients to coordinate lighting details to showcase the architecture, not the light fixtures. We feel strongly that lighting can really bring a space to life in the final stages of a project when we aim the light fixtures and program lighting scenes, striking the perfect balance of drama and function. LEARN ABOUT ENLIGHTEN DESIGN STUDIO BY BG BUILDINGWORKS >>


The convergence of multiple service lines created what BG coins as “building systems integration”. Rooted in the firm’s expertise designing building systems, BG expanded this strength to showcase the collective insight and experience that accompanies design and construction to include system installation, verification, and operation. BG completes these tasks through the lens of commissioning and test and balancing to benefit overall systems.

There’s nothing more frustrating for an owner than experiencing performance issues with HVAC or other integrated systems in today’s buildings. To prevent these concerns, BG taps into experience and tools to optimize system performance providing owners peace-of-mind. By verifying proper equipment performance, system design, and appropriate reliability measures, BG offers owners a worry-free experience that optimizes costs, maximizes efficiency, and verifies appropriate installation.

The benefits of sustainably-designed or operated buildings have evolved over the years. Whether it’s a higher capital value, lowering operating costs, or something entirely different, an owner’s decision to pursue a sustainable approach is their own. Sustainability has been at the core of BG’s design and commissioning philosophy for years. Two ways we deliver these principles are through the USGBC’s LEED rating program and offering energy efficiency options. We have been involved in more than 70 LEED certified projects and countless projects achieving energy efficiency.
Technology is driving the way buildings are evolving and BG’s BIM experts understand building systems and architectural modeling. Our team employs Revit and/or AutoCAD to convey system design to enhance the coordination for the design and construction teams resulting in an improved process for all.