With a strong ability to visualize how to draft something, a satisfaction of taking an idea and putting it on paper, and a knack for setting up new projects, Anthony was born to be a CADD technician rock star. He skillfully blends his knowledge of reducing project costs with his quick retention of information and adds a heaping scoop of Revit experience that makes detecting issues early on into a great indication of a project’s success.

Anthony Block is bringing his game face
Anthony Block pirate icon

Lights, Camera, Action!

With every element of a great movie, Hook tops Anthony’s list for his favorite cinematic feature. Maybe he wanted to be a pirate when he was younger?

Dear Anthony…

Advice to those looking to break into drafting: “Create a process that works for you, then stick with it. CADD can be a time black hole if you get stuck doing things that you can create shortcuts for.

What’s on the Menu?

Although his dining guest is fictional, Anthony would still relish a trolley full of chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes, licorice wands, and peppermint humbugs with the boy wizard himself, Harry Potter.