“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”



Lighting Designer I

A room is just a room without the proper lighting. As a lighting designer, Bianca brightens the room in more ways than one. From a cozy room to a bright workspace, Bianca uses her forward thinking to help the team create the best lighting in spaces for every occasion.  With her love for learning new things, she is very open-minded and brings a great deal of experience and knowledge. She also loves having the opportunity to meet new people and see new places. Her positive and passionate point of view brings light to every project that she works on.















“Bianca’s Adventures” would be the perfect name for a movie about the life of Bianca. Growing up in Guayaquil, Ecuador she loved being between the sea and the mountains at the same time. In a single day you could be in both environments, have breakfast in the mountains and then have lunch by the sea as the sun goes down. Unfortunately teleportation does not exist, but if it did her first stop would be to go back to visit her family.



Her free spirit and active curiosity have already led her across great distances. Trading in her surfboard for a snowboard, she journeyed to Colorado, and hopes to someday travel to, live in, or study a master’s degree in Australia or Europe. Through these years she has learned that fear of the new and unknown is normal. However, if you can look past it, the best and most wonderful things are almost always behind it.



Known by her friends as “Bia” or “B,” Banca loves to stay active. When she is not out exploring new cities or surfing at a beach, she loves to go hiking with her dog Champa, and her fiancé.