Guiding an office and team is not for the faint of heart and Brad serves as the unwavering leader of not only the Denver office, but also of the building commissioning group at BG Buildingworks. Relishing the gratification of interacting with each of the staff, Brad also thrives on the opportunities to work with clients and teaming partners to make projects succeed. Combining his specialization in mechanical systems, he easily parlays this expertise into troubleshooting and resolving issues that arise during the process to ultimately match owners’ expectations with building systems’ functionality.

Brad Staver is bringing his game face
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Make Yourself at Home

From cornfields to wheat fields, Brad was born in Iowa and raised in Kansas. He’s Midwestern through and through.

This One Time…

As a young kid, Brad’s family traveled to Colorado on a summer vacation. From his first trip, he was hooked and knew he wanted to live in the Centennial state. So much so that he distinctly remembered telling his parents that when he could, he would move there. True to his words, Brad has called Colorado home for two decades.

Back to the Future

If not an engineer, Brad would be rebuilding cars for a living, seeing the transformation of a dilapidated heap into a resurrected marvel.