With his skill for navigating through intricate assignments, Chad stands out as a Mechanical Engineer at BG Buildingworks. Fueled by the thrill of solving intricate design challenges, he delves deep into the mechanical intricacies to ensure homes not only function but thrive. From designing heating systems to ensuring effective ventilation, Chad brings unparalleled expertise to every residence. Chad’s love for outdoor activities, his community spirit, and his zest for exploration make him a valuable asset to our team.

Where in the World is…

…Chad? Navigating the mountainous terrains of Vail, CO, is his forte. When he’s not mountain biking through rugged paths or skiing down snowy slopes, you’ll find him involved in trail maintenance and ensuring clean highways.

Historical Horizons

While most are content with marveling at the pyramids from a distance, Chad wishes to go back in time to witness their construction – unraveling history’s greatest architectural enigma.


Riding the Winds

Given a choice of superpower, Chad would soar the skies with the power of flight. Imagine a mechanical engineer with a bird’s eye view, ensuring every project is perfect not just from the ground, but from above too.