After two successful summer internships, Chris joined BG Buildingworks after graduating from Kansas State University with a degree in Architectural Engineering. Armed with a lifelong fascination with electricity, he sees nearly every aspect of today’s world connected around it and the access to power. Chris relishes in being a part of what makes those different systems possible as well as safe to people to use as they function and flourish in life. Good days at works a healthy balance of understanding tasks, working with clients, and interacting with the internal BG team. The latter part may be code for shooting foam darts at his coworkers.

Chris Tompkins is bringing his game face

Where in The World is…

With a stroke of Ulysses S. Grant’s pen to establish the U.S.’s first national park, Chris’ dream more than a 140 years later was born. The fantastic bit is that Chris can take his beautiful wife with him and relive his vision of seeing nature’s beauty 61 times over! Along the way, he might also be able to complete another bucket list item – the Pacific Crest Trail, an approximately 2,650-mile trek stretching from Mexico to Canada through the western U.S.

Tune in and Turn It Up

A music enthusiast, Chris cranks up the volume to hear Denver-based Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats. There truly is “…No Need to Get Old” when one listens to their little bit folk, a dab of Americana, soulful R&B, and a splash of gospel.

It’s Past Time for a Hobby

He says it borders on an unhealthy habit, but Chris loves film photography to capture the plethora of intriguing landscapes and people.