Senior Lighting Project Lead

At the heart of BG Buildingworks, Courtney brilliantly marries the creative and technical, weaving together exquisite lighting design. Her passion is evident as she dives deep into the intricacies of a project, consulting, and solving problems that arise. Courtney’s expertise doesn’t go unnoticed; she was the proud winner of the 2023 Lighten Up National Fixture Design. Soon, she’s setting her sights on achieving the CLCP certification for Lighting Controls, proving her dedication to the craft. With every engagement, she brings forth a dynamic mix of tasks, ensuring that her client’s visions for their space transform into a well-lit reality.















For Courtney, the world reveals its beauty when she takes it in stride – quite literally. Among the bustling modes of modern transportation, walking remains her favorite. It’s more than just a mode of transport; it’s a means to absorb the surroundings, taking in the fine details that often go unnoticed in the daily rush. Whether it’s a simple stroll around Arvada or exploring a new city, Courtney finds joy in the slow pace, the rhythm of her steps echoing her philosophy of truly experiencing every moment.


Courtney’s garden is her sanctuary, a place where her love for nurturing and creativity come together. Her enthusiasm for diverse flavors, especially those found in Japanese cuisine reflects her love for growth, whether rooted in the earth or served on a dish.


Travel, for Courtney, is more than just changing locations; it’s a voyage of self-discovery and immersion in diverse cultures. From the scenic allure of Killarney’s Ring of Kerry to exotic meals at Nobu or fresh crab from the Aran Islands, each journey leaves a mark. Yet, her aspirations stretch even further – with dreams of witnessing the autumnal spectacle in Japan and the lively floating markets in Vietnam. Having touched three of the seven continents, her global footprint continues to expand.