Delving deep into the intricate world of mechanical engineering for homes, Dean Smith stands at the forefront of BG Buildingworks’ Homes team. His enthusiasm springs from the privilege of working on monumental engineering tasks set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Dean’s passion lies not just in constructing luxury homes, but also in enhancing their efficiency and environmental friendliness. His expertise shines brightest when creating comprehensive energy models, allowing the design team to make enlightened decisions. In every role, whether it’s an engineer, a mentor, or an environmental steward, Dean Smith brings a blend of passion, expertise, and dedication, making him an invaluable asset to BG Buildingworks and the wider community.

Home is Where the Heart is

A Gypsum, Colorado native, Dean’s affinity for the state runs as deep as the roots of the Rockies themselves. you may find him skimming the snow-clad slopes in winter or mountain biking through trails in the summer. To him, the mountains are more than just stunning landscapes; they embody memories, adventures, and the irreplaceable joys of his cherished hometown.

Skiing Through Life

Growing up in the shadow of the magnificent Colorado mountains, skiing became more than a hobby for Dean; it became a part of his identity. And he doesn’t stop dreaming—on his bucket list is the thrilling prospect of skiing down a volcano in Chile. If he could, he would also visit Europa, a moon of Jupiter. It has snow, so who doesn’t want to ski on another celestial body?


Tunes to Ride to

Whether he’s driving, heading out on an adventure, or plucking the strings of his mandolin, Dean’s playlist may contain everything from Billy Strings to The Clash or Porter Robinson. However, his musical heart beats predominantly to the rhythm of bluegrass, deeply resonating with its rich, mountainous melodies.