With a dogged eagerness to capture new knowledge each work day, Dylan is an inquisitive engineer quick to expand his fundamentals and continue his professional development. He has proven to be an asset to any project team and brings a budding expertise to the mechanical systems design team. With an energetic attitude and a solid understanding of the engineering basics, Dylan shines with an aptitude to deliver high-quality designs and the knowledge that service is key to clients and teaming partners.

Dylan Friday is bringing his game face
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Inspiration Point

A core value of Dylan’s is continuous improvement – whether it’s striving to learn something new at work, tweaking his personal fitness, or helping others or the planet – his goal every day is to go to sleep a better person than when he woke up. Rock on, Dylan.

From Point A to Point B

You’ve heard about ‘sliding into home’, but Dylan’s favorite mode of transportation puts a whole new twist on getting from one place to another. He even claims he’d work the weekends if the route to the office was paved with a waterslide. Splish, splash.

Make Yourself at Home

As a small town guy from Pennsylvania, life revolved around the bright lights of Friday night football games and the opening day of deer season; however, Dylan was also influenced by living in a log cabin that nurtured his love of the outdoors.