The science of sound and electronics has been a lifelong fascination for Eric which started back in high school and provided the springboard for him to become an acoustician. Pairing his enjoyment of solving issues with room design and audiovisual system challenges, he partners with BG Buildingworks’ various disciplines to provide answers where there weren’t any. With a broad background and understanding of how engineering works, Eric maximizes clients’ project value with his innovative thinking.

Eric Aden is bringing his game face
Eric Aden hockey icon

Make Yourself at Home

Eric grew up in the Land of Lincoln, in a smaller city west of Chicago. No lie.

Dear Eric…

Advice to those looking to break into technology: “Be ready to learn a lot of new things and know how to communicate technical knowledge to non-technical folks.”

Back to the Future

Aside from ensuring the audio system was top-notch, Eric’s journey in a time-machine would land at the nearest hockey rink where he’d assume a career as a professional hockey player.