Versatility as an engineer is crucial to meet the multiple demands a project requires and Erin has mastered this expectation. Along with her notable educational background, she excels in the design of mechanical systems and project management to consistently meet schedules and produce strong deliverables. As she continues to build upon her extensive project expertise, Erin strives to explore innovative ways to deliver high-quality service to her clients and teaming partners and develop resilient relationships with her internal team.

Erin Pasold is bringing her game face
Erin Pasold tennis icon

Lights, Camera, Action!

Grab some popcorn and leave the lights on; Erin’s pick is the Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Silence of the Lambs – applying lotion just got a little creepier.

Make Yourself at Home

A small city located along the Platte River and where corn is king, Erin is one of Fremont, Nebraska’s best exports.

It’s Past Time for a Hobby

Grass doesn’t have a chance to grow when Erin’s around; she busies herself by being active in all kinds of sports including softball, tennis, golf, and volleyball. Game, set, match.