As a Technology Services Lead, Jeremy excels at solving complex technology systems problems, leveraging his expertise in design and construction administration for all Technology services related design work, including AV, Communications, IT Networks, and Security. He is not only highly technical but also easygoing and laid back, always wearing a smile that brightens the workplace. Beyond the office, Jeremy’s zest for life shines through his diverse hobbies, from fishing to hunting, hiking to woodworking, and even CNC routing, crafting creations inspired by his wife’s ideas. He’s deeply rooted in his community, leading a High School Youth Group at his church and actively participating in trail maintenance and highway cleanup initiatives. His dedication to problem-solving, passion for exploration, and commitment to community engagement make him a valuable asset to the BG Buildingworks family.

Streams of Inspiration

For Jeremy, inspiration flows when he’s on the river. Be it rafting, kayaking, fishing, or simply floating, the river rejuvenates his spirit, much like the flowing ideas in the world of tech.

What’s on the Menu?

With a plethora of intriguing meals behind him, including dishes bartered in Japan or mysterious delicacies in Macau, Jeremy would relish a meal that allows him to reminisce and share tales of his tasty adventures. Perhaps alongside someone who could decode what exactly he had on those streets of Japan!


From Workbench to Wisdom

You’ll often find Jeremy masterfully shaping wood, crafting pieces that tell stories of precision and passion. His hands that chisel and carve also guide the young minds in his church’s youth group, mentoring and molding their paths.