Armed with a strong sense of adventure, learning new things as well as exploring what the outdoors has to offer, Kevin lives true to that mantra and answered the call and now called Colorado home. A project engineer for BG Buildingworks, he earned a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology. Liking that design and technology are constantly evolving, Kevin excels when there are unlimited opportunities to gain previously unknown information and celebrates those workday wins when he’s able to see how the daily increments lead up to hitting send on a large project that has had a long duration.

Kevin Driscoll is bringing his game face

Keep It Local

Although he is a recent transplant from Atlanta, Kevin is looking to mirror how he gave back to that community, here in his new home in Colorado – teaching whitewater kayaking. He worked with wounded veterans through a program called Team River Runner, which helped veterans and their families find opportunities for health, healing, and community through adventure and adaptive paddle sports.

You Tried What?!

Say it out loud, gwaa-nuh-kow. Guanaco rhymes with “quantico” and is a mammal belonging to the camel family, wild cousin to the llama. It found its way onto Kevin’s plate while he was exploring Patagonia, the region in South America, not the clothing store. The backpacking adventure in Patagonia also helped Kevin cross off an item from his bucket list.

One Lucky Fella

Watching when the sun is obscured by the moon is a cool phenomenon and how one views it can be impressive. During a recent solar eclipse, Kevin viewed it while kayaking on the Chattooga River in northeast Georgia and thought it was miraculous to witness in person.