Working with building technology systems is what drives Kristin and the continuous change and innovation in the field is what keeps her intrigued. As one of BG Buildingworks’ technology specialists, she brings a high level of energy and attention to detail to every project she undertakes. Kristin specializes in acoustical evaluations, detailed calculations, and accurately reporting her findings to assist in material selection and design options to create optimum acoustical environments.

Kristin Hanna is bringing her game face
Kristin Hanna Eifel Tower icon

Where in the World is…

…Kristin? Probably near the sprawling entertainment behemoth near Orlando, Florida where the tag “happiest places on earth” is proudly shown right next to its name, Disney World! Whether it’s the exploration of the different worlds, the many loved characters, or the fascination of something magical, this place let’s Kristin still be a kid at heart.

Dear Kristin…

With an ever-changing geography and a fast-paced industry that touches so many, her advice to those looking to break into technology: “Be ready to always be on your toes!”

Tune In and Turn It Up

The recurring musical theme from the Star Wars series, “Duel of the Fates” by the great John Williams, is a favorite of Kristin’s.