Inspired by a life motto to try new things and have different experiences, Kyle lives out this mantra as a mechanical engineer. With a combination of creating complex systems where all the parts work well together and knowing what he designs will be built, Kyle uses his degree in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University to get things done. Hailing from the great state of Texas, Kyle grew up in Dallas and marks a good day at work by crossing off a lot of things on his to-do list and finishing those big projects. Combining attention to details and objectivity, Kyle lends his logic and support, to building efficient systems and delivering high standards to his colleagues and clients, these attributes make him an invaluable team member for all.

Kyle Burns is bringing his game face

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plan…It’s My Superpower

A cool head and thoughtful insight led Kyle to pick the ability to physically transform as is superpower. He thinks that shapeshifting would be super functional since one could fly or breathe underwater at the blink of an eye. And bonus, it sounds like a lot of fun!

See You at the Arcade

Kyle likes games – board game and video games alike. Although Fallout 3 is one of his top favorites, at the top of the list is his all-time favorite, a lesser-known isometric role-playing game from the early 2000’s, Arcanum. Offering a great world perspective and some interesting gameplay mechanics, it also has an excellent story. Who needs a fictional world when a pseudo-historical is a step better?

Where in the World is…

…Kyle? Check an atlas because it could be anywhere across the globe. First up, is an extended trip to Italy to take in all the glories the boot-shaped country has to offer. From fantastically-flavored foods, geography-rich views, museums and historical sites, Kyle and his wife would need the extra time. When southern Europe ‘bores’ them, they can hope on a plane and head a little further south and cross Antarctica off the bucket list. Make sure to bundle up!