Embracing the underlying principles of machinery and systems that benefit mankind, Marc cherishes every opportunity to contribute his mechanical engineering expertise to the creation and optimization of buildings. He brings to BG Buildingworks a unique blend of knowledge, passion, and commitment. He thrives on the challenges presented by the fluidity of the development process, from initial design to troubleshooting and quality control. For Marc, the most satisfying workdays are those filled with new learning opportunities that make him more capable and knowledgeable than the day before.


As a Denver, Colorado native, Marc has a deep appreciation for the outdoors. In his spare time, he can be found hiking, biking, or playing ice hockey. An adrenaline junkie at heart, Marc has a soft spot for motocross racing. Off the tracks, his aspirations are equally adventurous, with a trip to Ireland and Scotland at the top of his bucket list. The chance to engage with the locals and experience their culture firsthand would be a dream come true for him.


When Marc isn’t designing systems or exploring the great outdoors, he enjoys quality time with his family and pets. He’s deeply involved in family school activities, and is always game for a new adventure. Marc embodies the spirit of continuous learning and improvement, an approach he applies not only to his work but to all aspects of his life.



Growing up in the ’80s, Marc cherishes the nostalgia of that era. He fondly recalls Saturday morning cartoons, biking around the neighborhood with friends, grooving to music videos, and attending drive-in movies. Memories of this simpler time when telephones were attached to the wall and people connected more directly with each other continue to shape his outlook on life and work, reminding him of the importance of connection, community, and simple joys.