Growing up in a small, blue-collar city, Marc learned to the benefit of hard work and understands what it takes to develop and promote efficient processes. Combining those principles, he enjoys working with his team to facilitate clear communications, achieve an understanding, and collectively cooperate to reach maximum efficiency and a most favorable result for a project. As the leader in the Avon office, Marc utilizes his expertise as an electrical engineer to perform a wide range of engineering tasks and as leader to build a supportive team to better serve BG’s clients and teaming partners.

Marc Sacconi is bringing his game face
Marc Sacconi baseball glove icon

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s My Superpower

To bring peace of mind or serenity to anyone he meets. Ah, yes, Marc. Keep calm and carry on.

Where in the World is…

…Marc? If you can’t find him, first check the weather and ask, ‘did it just snow?’ And if the answer is yes, Marc is probably snowboarding somewhere in fresh champagne powder.

Back to the Future

If not an engineer, Marc would most likely be a math teacher or a man of philosophy.