Mary’s passion for creating visual spectacles through innovative lighting techniques makes her an integral part of the BG Buildingworks team. She sees lighting not just as a means to illuminate, but as an art to transform spaces and influence well-being. With a family lineage in engineering, Mary brings both technical acumen and a creative touch. With her diverse background in designing schemes for various sectors and extensive expertise with tools like AutoCAD and DIAlux, she’s known for her meticulous attention to detail and her communicative, adaptive nature. Every project for her is an exciting opportunity to explore new concepts, get acquainted with the market, and see how technologies evolve. She finds great joy in transforming a space and witnessing the end results that satisfy the clients.

Hometown Glory

Growing up in a small town in Belarus, Mary has fond memories of weekends spent by the river, building treehouses in the nearby forest, and boating adventures. These moments shaped her appreciation for nature and the bonds of family.

Taste of the Exotic

Mary’s adventurous side isn’t just limited to her work. She once braved the unique taste of Durian, an experience she describes as mashed potatoes meets ice cream with a hint of… fried onions?


Where in the World is…

…Mary? She currently resides in Denver, but her wanderlust knows no bounds. Whether it’s hiking with friends, BBQ get-togethers, or planning bucket-list adventures like a trip to Hawaii to learn surfing, Mary is all about embracing new experiences.