Coming up with novel designs and concepts is what Maxime truly enjoys as a lighting designer at BG Buildingworks. Armed with a degree in fine art/painting/photography from University of Massachusetts Amherst, she found that lighting design incorporated elements of math and architecture with the design she loves. Her favorite days are filled with working with interior designers and architects to create innovative ways to make a space have a seamless design esthetic. Those days allow her to lose track of time and really delve into projects appreciate when a lot gets done. As she continuously quests to become more efficient, she excels at organizing the vast amounts of information her job generates and offers those interested in lighting to work on as many different project types as possible as you never now what you’ll learn from try something new. Great advice, Maxime!

Make Yourself at Home

Hailing from a close-knit family, Maxime grew up in the storied land called Nantucket Island. Along with Bijoux, her 7-year old, tri-colored Australian Shepherd Libra, Maxime enjoys visiting the small whaling town off the coast of Massachusetts, to enjoy the cobblestone-lain main street, seemingly endless amounts of beautiful dune-backed beaches, and the island’s fun summer community.

It’s Past Time for a Hobby

When not at work, Maxime is likely to be at CrossFit Omnia, where she gets a constant variation of tailored workouts that focus not only on physical health, but also sound nutrition. With a strength to lift things “up and down”, she also occupies her free time by hiking, running, camping, and traveling and doing anything where Bijoux can join in the fun.

Where in the World is…

Maxime? Bets are for either India or Costa Rica. While the former is the incredible home of one of the world’s wonders, owner of an extensive coastline, a storyteller of rich history, and a strong spiritual pull that transcends the distance. The latter calls Maxime and lures her with tropical beaches and wonders of nature, a vibrant culture, and really no bad time to there – Pura Vida!