Affable and hardworking, Mike is a perfect representation of what it takes to be a great electrical engineer and a good human being. With the uncanny ability to interact with different clients and teaming partners, he actively listens to a need and strategically uses his more than two decades of design experience to craft a solution. Always armed with a friendly “hello”, Mike is able to blend a genial demeanor with a level of expertise in a variety of engineering tasks to facilitate long-lasting relationships and highly-functional projects.

Mike Reed is bringing his game face

Dear Mike…

Advice to those looking to break into engineering: “Have a good attitude and [know] you cannot make everyone happy.”

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s My Superpower

Clean it up folks, Mike wants to read your mind!

Make Yourself at Home

Commonly referred to as the coastal East Bay, Mike’s hometown of Fremont, California is part of the larger San Francisco Bay area.