Embracing the process as a favorite part of being an engineer, Morgan appreciates the similarity yet lack of sameness in each project he undertakes. As the leader of BG Buildingworks’ Albuquerque office, Morgan serves as a principal and enjoys the different personalities of the individuals he works with during projects. His years of experience in planning and engineering in a variety of sectors, help him successfully complete large and small-scale projects and communicate with clients and teaming partners. Morgan’s incredible attention to detail and ability to manage the engineering services results in projects being completed expediently, competently, and economically.

Morgan Royce is bringing his game face
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What’s on the Menu?

If Morgan could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, he’d pick his mom who passed away a couple of years ago. Nothing special on the menu, just the ability to talk to her again would be great.

Inspiration Point

What inspires Morgan the most is a drive to understand and improve.

From Point A to Point B

Get off the roads, Morgan loves to drive.