“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."



Electrical Engineer

Balancing his passion for hands-on fieldwork and detailed design, Nick is an integral part of BG Buildingworks’ Homes Team. With a rich educational background in physics from Bard College and a master’s in architectural engineering from CU Boulder, Nick seamlessly transitions between the world of theoretical calculations and practical field applications. His expertise finds a home in both Revit and CAD design, while his enthusiasm extends to witnessing and understanding real-world construction. For Nick, renewable energies signify more than mere technology; they represent a grander narrative where pioneering ideas intertwine with sustainability. Nick’s devotion to his role stems from its harmony with his intrinsic values and passions. It provides him a platform to pioneer, effect real-world change, and actively participate in dialogues that define the future. With every circuit he refines, design he sketches, or green solution he advocates, Nick Shenberger isn’t merely engineering structures; he’s sculpting a brighter future.









…Nick? Likely outdoors! Chances are he’s exploring the scenic landscapes of Colorado with rock climbing, hiking, and camping in the stunning landscapes that Colorado offers. An avid lover of soccer and ice hockey, you may also find him out kicking a ball or gliding on ice hockey skates with his local teams.


Ever since his days of learning to skate on the natural rinks of New Hampshire, Nick has been captivated by Canada’s Banff. The idea of gliding across Banff’s renowned outdoor lakes, framed by the Canadian Rockies, speaks to both nostalgia and aspiration. For Nick, Banff represents not just a place, but a continuation of his journey on ice.



When Nick isn’t outside on his own adventures, you may find him immersed in the galactic adventures of Star Wars or the heroic escapades of Marvel characters. You may also find him battling it out in the virtual world of Apex Legends with his friends.